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Chipchopper | 10:58 Thu 28th May 2020 | Editor's Blog
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Is it just me ? or are the sub categories no longer displayed along with the main categories at the top of the page


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If you click the cross it expands to the sub-categories, does on mine anyway.
I don't see a cross now, zebo
I'm on the laptop, can't speak for other platforms, sorry! Hope you resolve it soon.
I've noticed that News no longer displays links to major news, Reuters, etc.
Also, if I want to ask a question I get asked to specify a category but can't see any sub category options

I don't see a need for subcategories though so I don't mind
Click the 'plus' + sign.
Now if I go onto my profile page the category list with sub category options is there
Definitely no plus sign on the Categories list on the page I'm on now (but is there if I go onto MY PROFILE . Odd but not an issue for me
Ha- plus sign is now appearing on this page. Seems to be intermittent
Now gone again!
Yes, the header information in certain topics - B&S,Law,News and some others has gone,hopefully temporarily.
I think the + sign is showing on the main page.

But not on pages which have sub categories such as News.
It's an intermittent error. It was reported ages ago (by me amongst others) and Ed looked at it but was unable to crack it.
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Thanks Canary, must have missed your earlier post.
The sub cats were in red under the main cats. It saved a lot of time, when you didn't have to keep going back to the list on the right of the screen.
For example, Home & Garden had 3 or 4 sub cats to choose from, under the main heading to select from.
/// Thanks Canary, must have missed your earlier post. ///

No surprise, when I said ages ago I'm talking in terms of years :-)

If Ed is watching, I wonder if we could have an update.
Back now.
This site was much better in the previous format and sub categories were used far more often.
When i'm putting up my selections for the Saturday Punt, I always have to wait for Togo to open the thread because I cannot acess 'Other Sports' as a sub section of sports.

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