Amended Site Rules And Science Category Introduction

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ABSpareEditor | 17:42 Tue 28th Jan 2020 | Editor's Blog
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There was some commotion over the weekend in the "Science" category regarding misinformation and fact checking.

To cover any issues that may arise in the future, we have amended the Site Rules. We have also amended the introduction for the "Science" category.

We have added the following text to the "Science" category introduction:

"Whilst discussions and debates are encouraged, The AnswerBank reserves the right to remove answers that are misleading, e.g. by implying that a statement is a scientific theory or law when it is not, especially when such answers may impact personal health choices.

The AnswerBank makes no claim regarding the scientific accuracy of any post (question or answer) made by a member."

We have added the following text to the Site Rules:

"The AnswerBank also reserves the right to remove any false or misleading information, especially in the Law, Body & Soul and Science categories."


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//surely, more useful than silencing someone with a different view?// Having a different view is not what it’s about tho, i think its the use of blatant false information stated as fact that seems to be the concern
19:18 Tue 28th Jan 2020
why should I do such a thing, prof maisie? If you want to go, go. If you want to stay and complain that a boss runs his business as he chooses, do that. If you want a chat site where you can say anything you like, there are plenty of them; if you don't like them, you can start your own. You're a free agent.
Mozz71 - So you read the deleted posts and they were, in your opinion, BS?
Thanks again, jno but I really can manage my choices myself.
//I don't need you, steg (or jno) telling me I can leave the site. I'm quite capable of managing that myself, should I choose to//

whether you need me to or not, I will make suggestions whenever I feel the need
It just wastes so much time having to answer...

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