Is The Email Address In Your Ab Account Correct?

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ABSpareEditor | 11:31 Wed 27th Feb 2019 | Editor's Blog
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Good morning AnswerBankers.

There have been a few situations recently where we have received contact from members via email, however the email address they're contacting us with is not associated to their AnswerBank account. This means that we can not verify that the user we're communicating with is actually that user. This can cause issues because there are details we will not be able to discuss due to data protection laws such as previous emails and password changes. Therefore, if we can not confirm you are the user you say you are, we won't be able to help you.

It is also important that your email address in your profile is correct because if you ever forget your password and need to reset it, the reset email will go to that address. If you can't remember your password and can't access your old email address, you won't be able to get back into your AnswerBank account.

To edit the email address associated to your AnswerBank account, simply go to View your profile > Edit My Profile > Your email address: > Confirm your e-mail address > fill in Your current password * > Submit.

All the best.


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yikes, good point. You've probably been emailing me for years at that old address with vouchers for free holidays and stuff. Can I simply change it? Do I have to change it with Gravatar as well?
I will change my email address but will you promise not to bombard me with requests for me to be a mod?

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That is a good point jno. Yes, you will need to change your Gravatar email address as well else you will lose your avatar.
Question Author
We can't promise anything -Talbot-.
Tried that. Still can't change my email address
Can we use an email address we've previously used before?
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Same for me as Maggie. Changed my email address to current one, submit password for this profile, but still showing old email address.
Further to this: I have tried again to change my email address in my profile. This time, I had a message saying I had entered the wrong password. How could that be? I can't enter the edit function, without having already entered my password, to get there. I enter my password, and the message says the password is wrong. This is equivalent to
AB Groundhog Day. Not good for an old fuddy duddy like me. Ed, can your techy types give any help?
I am Not surprised that ABers are having problems trying to Edit Profiles.

Some months back I failed to have AB accept a new email address, so I left the original one stand as it was, purely so that I could receive notifications of replies to 'Subscribed' items. The old address is still functional, but is Not used as my primary one.

Incidentally, for some unknown reason, my Profile records my username as being my 'Favourite Food'. Try, as I have once again today, correction of it is pointless because, after submitting a correction, the page returns to its erroneous state.


Thanks Hans. It's not just me then! Still no reply from Ed/Spare Ab Editor.
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Is The Email Address In Your Ab Account Correct?

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