Change To Ab Layout?

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fiction-factory | 19:22 Tue 26th Feb 2019 | Editor's Blog
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I've just noticed what seems to be a change to the way AB looks on my PC. Under the view all categories area but above Latest Posts I can now see 4 avatars- including UK Anonymous, Talbot and wolf. Is this a recent change? Do these avatars change- maybe to reflect the most recent posters?


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I can't see anything different wit AB's layout. It reads like a problem with your browser to me. Try refreshing its cache:
Strange, there should be four circles with

Facebook, Twitter Google+ and Pinterest there

Just tried it no change here at all.
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Will do. If I click on any of the 4 avatars it takes me to an AB Twitter page so maybe these members are the 4 mosts recent repliers on AB Twitter
Do you not see , Facebook, twitter G+ and pinster logo's.
sounds like a gliatch

Agree with Mamya, when I click on View all Categories the drop box covers the four circles and latest posts completely.
try turning your nearest tower on and off again. If tower is unreachable then find your nearest moderator. A quick tweak of the ears should set things straight. Ah! Buen, you seem close by. Do you have a spare dongle?
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Thanks. Just cleared my cache and it has reverted to the previous layout with the Facebook, twitter, G+ and P symbols. I've no idea why it was showing avatars of Anonymous Uk, Talbot, Fbg40 and wolf49. The View all Categories section has also changed from a stange blend of grey and white and back to the red box.

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Change To Ab Layout?

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