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Flonska | 14:56 Sun 26th Aug 2018 | Editor's Blog
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This thread was posted today.

I replied, as did two other AB'ers.

I have now received 3 e-mails - each one telling me:-

Dear Flonska, You have received a response to a thread you are subscribed to on The AnswerBank, titled: "Brain Games Crossword 70"

To visit the thread, follow the link below:

If you find this answer helpful, please remember to leave a note of thanks at the bottom of the thread!

All the best,
The AnswerBank Editorial Team

The responses are timed @ 11:31, 1:34 and 11:36.

Whilst I understand that I may receive such notifications in respect of replies to my own original posts - I was not the initiator of the post on this occasion.

Please investigate and advise.


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Question Author
^ sorry - that should read 11:34 for the 2nd message ^
If you untick 'subscribed' on that thread then you shouldn't get any more notifications if more people reply.
You must have accidentally hit the ‘subscribe’ Button (top right of post)
As Mamya says, you can subscribe to any thread, not just your own.

You've probably accidentally clicked on the 'Subscribe' button (or maybe you've got a 'helpful' cat, who did it for you!)
/// maybe you've got a 'helpful' cat, who did it for you! ///

That smacks of speaking from experience, LOL.
Question Author
Thank you for your prompt replies and suggestions as to the cause.

Rather than a helpful cat, I suspect it was attributable to the action of an unhelpful, albeit arthritic, fat finger!

Said finger has been advised to be more careful in future :-)

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