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THECORBYLOON | 22:51 Sun 05th Aug 2018 | Editor's Blog
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If a thread's been closed,would it not help if a note above the Question were added to that effect?

I have twice gone back to the same closed thread to-night having forgotten it was closed.

A wee note above the original Question means folk will see it even if it's not oppened and saves them from thinking they can add to it.


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Yes it would, the Ed has said she'll look at it - would be easier to make it an automatic message top and bottom when the thread is closed to save problems.
Pay attention.
To my knowledge two have been closed.... one possibly for the bickering ....but bickering is nothing new ..... the other a perfectly reasonable discussion breaking no 'rules' - so the reason for its closure is anyone's guess.

If there's a mod roaming out there with an itchy, twitchy finger, get some ointment for it. This needs to stop. It's spoiling the site.
Question Author
I'm sitting up straight too!
That would make sense to me and probably wouldn't be too difficult technically.

Moderators already see a box above a question title (marked 'Close this thread': ) so it shouldn't be too difficult to put a 'Thread now closed' box, visible to everyone, in the same place if a thread has actually been terminated.
Question Author
Can the question poster ask for the thread to be closed?
Another one today has been zapped and the OPer suspended.
Surely if there is no 'Your answer' box you would know the thread has been closed, just a thought.
Question Author
TASHI, the question has to be opened to see that there is no answer box. A message added to the original Question would mean you'd see it without having to open the question.
"Another one today has been zapped and the OPer suspended."
You mean the Illustrious/Knobby one? Quelle surprise!
>>> Can the question poster ask for the thread to be closed?

They can certainly ask but, given that moderators aren't meant to close their own threads just because they've had enough replies, they'd need to provide a very good reason as to why a moderator should act.

Here's a screen shot from the actual email that moderators received from the Ed:
Corby, all you need to do is click on the thread title in latest posts then you have a 'Your answer' box or you do not, your problem is?
The alleged Iraqi paedophile thread seems to have been closed to shut down any discussion of alleged Iraqi pedophiles.

Questioning the honesty of a charity and the Times newspaper didn't seem to be a problem.

In all the years I have been here I have never known Corby to have a problem........ :-)
Question Author
TASHI, if the thread were closed, it would soon drop out the latest posts.

That being the case, how will folk know it's closed without opening the question?
Question Author
GNESS, cheers!
Very good gness, your little 'x' just adds so much to the thread.
Ah but my little x is never rude......been a good day for

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