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sunny-dave | 21:52 Mon 16th Jul 2018 | Editor's Blog
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There are (at least) three or four currently active users who claim to be "new", but are actually nothing of the sort.

I have no particular objection to this and the previous (I think) AB_ED said that (with a few particularly egregious exceptions) he/she had no objections to returnees slinking back, as long as they behaved themselves and stayed away from contentious subject matter - perhaps posting just in Q&P or Crosswords or similar areas.

The problem at the moment is that (after a period of being Mr/Ms Niceperson), the current batch of Lazarus figures are starting to pick fights and generally return to the habits which made them persona non grata, whilst being quite careful to do nothing quite bad enough to get them 'removed' again.

This is (patently) unfair and far from a level playing field. I've seen some long term posters get some quite nasty/subtle abuse over the last few days - from people whose previous history is not available, thus making any attempt to 'give as good as you get' virtually impossible.

I'd like to suggest that all users have to (initially at least) register from a non-mobile device - thus allowing their ID to be verified against the list (which I'm sure must exist) of MAC addresses known to be used by previously banned users then (if the Ed allows them back) their new username can be linked to the old one.

Yes, I know MAC addresses can be faked - but that's probably beyond most of the people that I'm referring to. It might even catch-out a few of the Spammers too.


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I saw that...^^^...late/early last night. Completely forgot about it. Doh...
If there are any questions, answers or users that break our Site Rules, please could I ask that you use the report function to help bring them to the front of our attention.
I'm so pleased that I'm a Yorkshireman... you lot seem so uppity sometimes.. and keeping the (Spare)ED's attention may be difficult... what with fishing headphones on etc...

As for the OP they always reveal themselves... and some are quite funny to me ... as I can spot them and don't give a toss. So long as no-one gets hurt.... obviously.

Bloomin Angel wings...
I agree , ark, use the report button , saves all this " Sherlock Holmes" business ;-)
To be honest SD, I think you and a small handful of others take it all far too seriously, it’s a forum, not a government department. Live and let live.
I hope that I am not part of that group
Had terrible problems with my internet connection
Internet alright now, Daisy ?.
We know our Daisy.
Am I supposed to run away in disgrace because my internet connection failed?
I thought that I had friends here

Have you misunderstood my reply Daisy, I have welcomed you back a few times since you returned, even on the previous page on this thread.

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