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atalanta | 22:01 Fri 01st Jun 2018 | Editor's Blog
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Why can't I answer the question about japanese whaling ? There doesn't seem to be an option for answering. Other questions, yes. This one, no.


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No I cant see one either. I wonder if the thread got closed.
The thread may be closed
Definitely closed, though not having visited it I have no idea why.

If there is no 'Answer Box' available the thread has been closed
I see now why it's been closed!
What a shame
Anyone got a link? Or tell me which category it's in?
Ta, Jo. xx
Welcome. xx
The way it was gong looks like closing it was the only way to stop the rot from developing further.
^ it was going
Seemed an odd decision to me. Then, what do I know?
The Peace Lily was on the warpath and completely derailed his own thread.
I based my reply above on the last few posts on it - they weren't exactly about the topic.

But as you say, what do I know.
For anyone wanting to discuss the Japanese Whaling issue - seems the thread is open again.

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