Mobile Phone Site Access Issues

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Eve | 08:19 Sun 05th Nov 2017 | Editor's Blog
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Hi, I've been having some problems in accessing the site on my mobile. Iphone SE using Safari.

I get on to the page then I keep getting redirected to a page with some site saying it's to do with Apple and about winning a prize. It an "x" to close it but I still can't then go back to the site, it moves very briefly back to AB (for maybe a second) and then goes back to the rogue page. I have to shut it down and try again. I happened multiple times last night.

Ed, can you help, or anyone else who might know a solution? Thanks, Eve


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Tumbleweed thread....haha. Is there anybody there? I'm still having the problem, not every time but most of the time.
Yes, I have a similar problem when I use my Samsung phone although mine is with Chrome- I get a loud buzz and the AB page gets hijacked by something saying I need to download something to clear viruses. I can't use the site for more than 30 seconds without getting it. I am then thrown out of AB and need to go back in again to use it- but now I just switch off. It only happens on AnswerBank. Clearly a rogue ad.
The techies need to sort it or i'll just not bother even trying. I could try another browser but Safari seems to suffer from this sort of thing too.
Question Author
Hi, thanks for answering, yes, I'm the same, the only site it does it on. I use Safari so that's not better I'm afraid. I don't use the site on my mobile that often but I would probably use it a lot more if I didn't have these issues with it.

In case it makes a difference, I'm using the site linked via an email notification link rather than the mobile site (unless they are the same now) as I prefer it. Hopefully Ed might be able to fix something. It's something about Google and winning a prize at the moment with a pop up box as well.
Hi Eve, did you see the web address of the page that popped up? These things are difficult for me to replicate unfortunately but if I have the web address of the rogue ad, that helps us out a lot.
Took Chrome of my Samsung because of the same reason, I installed Opera and it is much better.
the page at
is my virus message
I think I might do the same with the laptop ... just got this within 2 minutes of opening AB

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Question Author
Thanks Talbot. I'm trying to get it to do it to get the web address but it's actually playing nice for now, typical haha! Will let you know the web address once it does it again.
Web address from my history of rogue add
Try not to post clickable links by removing a letter from the start.

Best to be safe.
Dont click on my rogue site & delete your history if youre infected
I have a similar problem, the link is
http://us. (Without gap )
Yes, I have been getting the same malware on my iPhone from AB site.

If you clear the cache and history it seems to stop - until the next time.
AB Editor

I have emailed yo two screen grabs of the offending malware.
Thanks all, we are on the case.
hi according to my understanding its the new updated IOS which is having bugs in it and causing such issues.

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Mobile Phone Site Access Issues

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