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AB Editor | 08:43 Fri 01st Apr 2016 | Editor's Blog
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We've got a few announcements about changes to the website over the next week or so.

To keep The AnswerBank moving forward into the 21st Century, we will be making a few changes to set live on the 6th April, the start of the 2016 tax year.

Quicker Answers For Everyone

With the announcement that Twitter will be increasing their character limit from 140 character to 10,000 characters we've spotted a gap in the market.

In an endeavour to get you quicker answers, we've decided to make them shorter with the addition of a 140 character limit. This way, your answers will be quicker to read and you’ll be able to answer two questions in the time it used to take to answer one! Using this estimate, The AnswerBank will be twice as good as it is now.

Avoiding Long-running Arguments On The AnswerBank

To acknowledge the division between dog lovers and cat lovers, we will be creating separate sub-sites for each:

These aren't up and running yet, but will be as soon as we've collected your bank details.

Premium Experience

As of 6th April, when logging into The AnswerBank for the first time, you'll be greeted with a slightly different screen, giving you the option to choose either a 'cat' or 'dog' version of The AnswerBank, or neither if you prefer. This is to avoid tired old spats being repeated more often than we like.

The direct debit will be charged based on the number of removed questions or answers.

To access these new platforms, you'll simply need to set up a direct debit account with The AnswerBank, details of which are to follow. We feel as though keeping these pages behind a paywall will keep them exclusive to the serious ABers, and reduce the risk of non 'dog' or 'cat' related chat.

Accessibility For All

Additionally, in our tireless efforts to improve accessibility for The AnswerBank we will also be providing a left-handed version. We think there just aren’t enough sites out there that consider the needs of a left handed user. So simply visit to begin using the new site. This works best on a left-handed smartphone, but for those with a regular model, you can simply rotate the device 180 degrees before visiting the site.

We’re excited to put these new features in place!


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There is a strongly worded missive winging it's way to you from...

Other than that , count me in.
Good idea, everyone knows left-handers are instruments of the Devil, let them make their mischief elsewhere...

Assuming the bank will increase my overdraft limit, I'm in.
Just had a good chuckle x
I asked about a year ago, or so - for an 'App' for easier access, but please, if that's not an option - make it more 'mobile' friendly ???

Debs, maybe silly question but have you tried
Umm, yeah - but have you ever tried accessing it off a Mobiale phone ? It's damn near impossible - at best bloody frustrating at worst !

Fair enough, just checking you knew of that one.
Seriously - have you tried from an iphone ?

I'll give it a try tomorrow, iphone's are on charge atm, only ever used it on Laptop 'til now. I'll let you know what occurs.
Question Author
DebsyDoo - we're planning an update to the site to make it more mobile friendly.

What are the issues you're having on the m. version by the way? I would be good to know what trouble you are having.
Search doesn't work on my iPhone and iPad
the proportion of lefties is 8%
and has been stable for around five thousand years

( you look at the proportion of s spun yarn which is leftie and z-spun yarn is right handed in auncient investigations. - there is also a professor of left handedness - whaaaaaa? - Prof Chris McManus )
that assumes that equal proportions of lefties and righties did spinning.....
no - that is a conclusion from the stability innit ?

that is if there were different proportions of lefties and righties thro the ages then the proportions would never be a constant 8% ?
so it is a conclusion you can validly draw from the data ....

and since you asked - leftiness as ritual ,,,,
in the 1930s Grace Crowfoot ( who was mother of the nobel prize winner Katherine Hodgkin ) described a garment ( but only one ) where some of the decoration was picked out in s-spun yarn
and she concluded that it had ritual significance.....

MacM swooped on the bronze age site they found a few months ago
under water so the fabrics survived ....

PP= I think woofgang meant that the conclusion implicitly assumed that n% of left handers did spinning and n% of right handers did spinning- whereas in reality the proportions might have differed for the two groups at some point or all points in time
yes FF I understand that

but you wouldnt get a constant 8% over the years under that hypothesis ( unless there were self-correcting errors like the lefties left off spinning but those that did spin, span more .. )
What I meant was (and didn’t explain well) its possible that the data for spinners wouldn’t generalise to the whole population for some reason we don’t also takes no account of shifty spinners and the proportion of them who span s or z. I mean its probably a safe conclusion but not cast iron is it?
cast iron no

the current prevalence is 8% or thereabouts
differs amonst the age cohorts - and gets less as you get older
( so did the victorian habit of beating children who were left handed work ? or is it a more dangerous place for lefties in a rt handed worlld ? ) - thre are fewer lefties over age 60 but they may have died already

so I agree that you could have differing proportions ( there is a preponderance of LH tennis players because they win more ) - but then there would have to be increased output production by those that stay to make up for those who have dropped out. which I do think is unlikely

yeah I mean this is not a court of law
but more like - are these valid conclusions from the data available
ah... yes OK - Grace Crowfoot's daughter Elizabeth who was also a fabric expert ( she was the one I talked to ) said they partitioned according to handedness ....

I am not certain that a z spinner righty would say - " o I think I will spin left handedly today ! " because output would go down and that is what hand spinning is all about. It is discussed over the garment with too much s s[un motifs ....

ideas taken from Spinning Faith - Lise Bender Jorgensen
I better admit that I am using someone elses ideas ....
no but if you were a shifty (ambidextrous) spinner then you might be someone who can spin s or z or you might be the kind of shifty who does some things one way and some another......Do we know if there was any kind of commercial or other preference for s or z spun thread?

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