Never Ending Threads In Particular, Chatterbank In General

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jeffa | 22:55 Fri 15th Aug 2014 | Editor's Blog
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The "never-ending" threads, which are such an incredible source of entertainment to some ABers, are to be brutally frank a total PITA to others. At times they occupy all six latest posts and, to my mind anyway, really filter the value of a question / answer site such as AnswerBank.

Therefore, I wonder if you would consider introducing an option whereby ABers who are really interested in using this site for its intended purpose could "turn off" ChatterBank. A simple checkbox in each user's profile should be sufficient.


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Or keep the pointless never ending threads out of the latest posts box.
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But how would you tell them apart? Would you want a checkbox when creating a thread whereby the creator could flag it as a total waste of time?
I know what you mean Jeffa, but as you say they are great amusement for a lot of members, it would probably be easier if chatterbank was taken out if the latest posts feed.
That's no good for those of us who like chatterbank but hate everlasting threads. Maybe a seperate topic for them.
I like chatterbank, and not these long winding posts, but no worries, theres lots of other topics to get our teeth into.
Yes, please create a separate thread for them. I see there's another one today!

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Never Ending Threads In Particular, Chatterbank In General

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