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THECORBYLOON | 05:16 Sat 14th Jun 2014 | Editor's Blog
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After seeing a few posts about a badge for posting a question only for yesterday, I had a quick look at all the badges and seen one for 'Whino' for the drinks category. Should it not be 'Wino' or is for folk who drink and mump a lot?


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lol. I could guess who's won a whino badge. But I won't.

Like you I thought that it was wino.

But -

whino Noun singular. Whinoes noun plural.

1. a whino is a type of drunk, usually a hobo, who has a preference for cheap wines over the vodkas and whiskeys etc. Especially known for 'hiding' their drink of choice in a paper bag.
john was once a successful programmer before the dot bomb era, now he's just another whino sucking his life away one bottle at a time.
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I'd rather trust Chambers Dictionary than the Urban Dictionary and no doubt to some folk, 'whino' and 'wino' sound the same but 'whino' makes no sense.
Whining winos? :-)
it was probably intended for posters in News.
Corbyloon, were you ever a member of Blaggers Inn?
Just wondering?

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