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Flyhalf | 21:25 Sat 11th May 2013 | Editor's Blog
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Is it technically possible to introduce a "partly answered", or "not resolved" setting? Currently these fall within "Answered".
What I have in mind is that a question poser should have a means (an opt-in) of alerting ABers that some part of their question remains open, e.g.if only 7 of 10 have been finalised, or they're still unsure of the accuracy of answers.


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i think its a good idea = because i know some people don't even bother to look at a question if it has a few answers, as they assume its been sorted - that's why sometimes its irritating when people make jokes or chat on serious posts - or say stuff like 'oh yes, i have that problem too', or 'i've always wondered this' or something useless

some people also assume their answer is correct and therefore it should end the post - and get a bit antsy if someone else adds a similar answer.

personally i would rather 10 people answered with a similar answer - so i can be sure its correct and the best one, rather than just one answer, as people can be wrong.
saying "I have that problem too"" isn't necessarily useless, joko, it may be of comfort to the OP that he or she is not alone in some dilemma.
Some sort of flag which the original poster could use to put it back into the unanswered pile? Maybe. Certainly good in principal.
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That would work, but I was thinking more on the lines of a separate category, where responders could check back too.
Simply treating them as unanswered, would mean the first additional response - even a request for clarification - would push it straight back into answered. The question setter would close the thread when satisfied, or it would happen automatically after a reasonable time, say 10 days.
How about a special button to press which prints '' It aint me guv it's 'im ''


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