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humbersloop | 11:09 Sat 11th May 2013 | Editor's Blog
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I fully understand that it's the Ed's site and them's the site rules...

..just for clarity though, are there a generally agreed set of standards between various Eds and Mods about what is an acceptable posting and what isn't, and are they - more or less - evenhandedly applied?


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the rules are jsut the Site Rules as per the link at the bottom of the page, I presume, unless any secret instructions have been issued that I don't know about.

As far as I know the Eds and mods don't know each other, unless they meet at the AB summer fete, so there's probably a lot of subjectivity at work. But the Ed has the final say and can reinstate deleted posts and unsuspend people if he thinks a mod's gone overboard.

So the answers (afaik) are yes and yesish.
In the interest of fairness I think we should know who the mods are. Perhaps they should have a badge? As a symbol of their authority to police the site a sheriffs badge may be apt. :)
you can recognise them by their Walther PPKs.
What an interesting question been eaves-dropping? ;-) x
Very coincidental has gness says.
Question Author
I'm asking because I'm just watching one particular thread which, in the general run of the site that I've seen in my short time here, would've been pulled by now.

Just wondering
you can always report it if you think it's wrong, sloopy. I'm not sure if there's a weekend Ed any more but if so he/she could remove it. Neither Eds nor mods see everything, so sometimes rubbish stays on the site just because nobody's noticed it or reported it.
I think there was some very dodgy modding just on a thread where the subject of the thread had actually replied and was trying to sort something out with the person who had posted it, all very amicably to quite a long standing problem. I don't know who deleted it but I cannot see why it was pulled.
Really you cannot see why it was pulled?

Well I for one am glad that it has gone it was rude and disrespectful!
Maybe no one did Sharingan, a few people on that paticular post stated they had or were reporting it, I think if a post gets so many, its automatically pulled., im willing to stand corrected on that one though.

As it were, I got as far as Salla's reply on it, went off to make a bacon butty and when i got back, it'd gone.
I think it was an ill judged thread and yes I do think it was ungrateful but Barmaid had posted on it and was fine, plus we were liaesing to help Desktop get her stuff to Barmaid, so no, not helpful at all, just spiteful imho.
Thanks Boo.
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quite fgt,

although my point isn't about the merits or demerits of any particular post, it's just about even handedness really
Just as none of us know what DT is really dealing with in reality so none of us know what Barmaid was really feeling about the post. It should have been pulled IMO and treating desktop like a child who doesn't need to take any responsibility because she has issues doesn't help her either.
I've done a fair bit of Ed-ing and Mod-ing in my time, although not on such a far ranging area this site covers. None of them need know each other but obviously need to work from a rough guide list based on the Site Rules. A part of the site not visible to us, would be available to them to discuss any problems/concerns they might have.

It is not an easy job and I think they get it right 99% of the time. No, I don't think we need to know who they are. You either behave or not, your choice.
I agree Prudie, Barmaid is far to professional to show her true feelings
In answer to your orginal question Humbers, no, there isn't an agreed on rules for the way we moderate posts.

We, along with you all, follow the sites rules and regulations, but we do remove/suspend/ban on our own discretion too. Do we sometimes get it wrong? Sure we do, we're only human after all (with the exception of Chucky maybe), but as a rule we try to to over police the site.

Personally, I wouldn't have removed the post, unless it got nasty of course, but that doesn't mean to say another mod did it instead, as I've said, it could've just been an auto remove thing as it was reported by other users.
*try NOT to over police the site*
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and it wasn't a pop at the mods either B00 offers cake, just voicing a generalised concern

if the Ed's answer's like it or lump it, fair enough I suppose
no lol, i wasn't suggesting it was a pop at us, I certainly didn't take it as such xx

But yeah, the Ed's stance will probably be more like your last statement ;-)

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