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humbersloop | 12:09 Sat 11th May 2013 | Editor's Blog
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I fully understand that it's the Ed's site and them's the site rules...

..just for clarity though, are there a generally agreed set of standards between various Eds and Mods about what is an acceptable posting and what isn't, and are they - more or less - evenhandedly applied?


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I have Zacs, but always explain to the players why I've come to that decision/given the penalty.

It gives them food for thought, helps with their future decision making and assists them in not re-offending further!
Question Author
thanks for the measured replies folks

chilld, fair play to you, though it doesn't stop people initially behaving badly

or touchline booing or cheering
but like being on here at times, chill, ;-)
-- answer removed --
careful, even though it's a completely justified question to ask, you won't get an answer, possibly even a removal and suspension, an act that, if it occurs, even goes against the rights of free speech in the UK.........
Question Author
apols *rather than

I guess the ultimate answer to any question about editorial stuff comes down to the answer, the site isn't a democracy.

I removed your post that named a particular user
" rights of free speech in the UK........."

LOL... DT, if you want to exercise those rights you are more than welcome to set-up and run your own website and say whatever you want..... while you are posting on a site that you are not paying for your free speech is at the discretion of the people that do pay for the site (or their chosen operatives)
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chuck, the site runs on advertising, mods for free and the tolerance of it's users

I stand by the removed thread - pointless I know
Just to clarify sloopy, I'm a rugby referee not kissba.....sorry, I mean football.
Rugby referee's tend to explain their decisions, for the benefit of the spectators as much as the players.
They also do not suffer nor tolerate the verbal abuse or backchat that football refs do.
When I referee my son's games his team mates know that if they question ANY decision I've made they'll lose 10 yards. Ironically, the team captain is the worst offender, but he doesn't do it verbally, he just looks at me with a feigned puzzled look and gives it 'the Gallic shrug'.
10 yards, straight away.

He'll learn.
So you are now an Ed, Chuck?
what's your beef, sloopy, that it was removed or that it wasn't?
she just named someone (obvious), jno.....that's all.
no, she said thread not post, so I thought she was talking about whatever sparked this thread in the first place
same person's threads.
Question Author
gallic shrug chill?

cantona hoofs rascist pudding - naa
"So you are now an Ed, Chuck?"

No I'm mainly a user of this site and secondary a mod.

I do have a grasp on reality though and realise that this site isn't my own personal sounding board on any subject and I can't expect it to be.
As I said earlier, the modding on here is perplexing at the very least, with an awful lack of consistency.
Does anyone remember the Tourette's thread? Some mods had posted on it, it was all fairly polite, some forthright, contrasting views and differences of opinion but no nastiness or bitching.
100+ posts and it gets pulled because one user started to take it slightly awry but again, there was nothing untoward in it. But it wasn't good enough to remove that users posts, oh no, the whole thread had to go.
Yet you look at some of the utter rubbish that goes ad nauseum, ad infinitum elsewhere and it just demeans the site, IMHO.
ChillDoubt, are you not a happy bunny?

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