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AB Editor | 13:17 Thu 14th Feb 2013 | Editor's Blog
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I hope to be able to make the following username changes today at some point.

These usernames ARE NOT LIVE and you should NOT see or be able to use them YET.

I will EMAIL those of you who have usernames which have changed.

I'm afraid that for those of you who have selected a username that already exists (however unused it is) - we can't make the change; sorry! The reasons a varied, but all in all it's a bit of a privacy problem to go in and delete an account which belongs to someone else just because you want their username. We did look at options for how to do this, but we couldn't come to anything satisfactory.

Anyway, for those who selected something eligible, here's the list:

Original >>>>> New
DTcrosswordfan >>>>> DTCwordfan
em10 >>>>> emmie
factor30 >>>>> factor-fiction
dorromay71 >>>>> Jordyboy9
vulcan42 >>>>> vulcan
excelsior-1 >>>>> excelsior
D97x7 >>>>> Frank97
saxy_jag >>>>> Saxy
annemollie >>>>> abstibus
FredPuli43 >>>>> FredPuli
shaneystar2 >>>>> shaneystar
LoftyLottie >>>>> LL
Starbuckone >>>>> starone
tamborine >>>>> tesco
BIGJACK >>>>> Flyhalf
lcg76 >>>>> lcg
carolegif >>>>> crazycaz
DJHawkes >>>>> Dottie
JimJools >>>>> JoolsTwo
mamyalynne >>>>> Mamyalynne
Dickythecook >>>>> dickythecook
bernie6969 >>>>> berniecuddles
Judge Nutmeg >>>>> Stephen_G
KIDD72 >>>>> Kidd72
triggerhippy >>>>> EricCartman
daffy654 >>>>> Daffy
chrissa1 >>>>> wenchie
craft1948 >>>>> LucyLastic
futritcat >>>>> Giggsie
JSRamsey1491 >>>>> ossian
honestjohn64-_ >>>>> Honestjohn
headwreck >>>>> Neets
Nodger >>>>> Clarissa
Jenna1978 >>>>> Eve.
carrust >>>>> CR
tomking >>>>> bluebird34
thetaliesin >>>>> Svejk
sibton >>>>> Psybbo
Mass_Hysteria >>>>> Mass
sherrardk >>>>> Ssssss
squsalminney >>>>> PringlesQueen
notafish >>>>> Marijn
Paulsy >>>>> Topaz
The-Toff- >>>>> TheToff
Maidup >>>>> Maydup
knowabit >>>>> hobnobs
baldhair >>>>> con-amca
alwaysbroke >>>>> MarieB
buildersmate >>>>> Spiny Norman
anotheoldgit >>>>> Excalibur
denise1610 >>>>> molliemoo
sancho1960 >>>>> Zippo
rattyratgirl >>>>> Ratty2E
moonraker558 >>>>> Moonraker
Mojo-Jo-Jo >>>>> Mojo
sallabananas >>>>> Bbbananas
carandrog >>>>> Caran
anniebar >>>>> jakep
Yorky Lass >>>>> YorkyLass
caslass >>>>> Bobbin
miss meg >>>>> Meg
parkdale >>>>> parkie
Ann86 >>>>> Ann
BAKERS DOZEN >>>>> BakersDozen
toastingmallows >>>>> toasty
barb7771 >>>>> sadielady
NoMercy >>>>> Caroline77
jeniadams >>>>> JeniPeni
Captin Kirk >>>>> Robknot
SueMoneyRowley >>>>> Moneybags
JMR27 >>>>> jmr
Mick-Talbot >>>>> Talbot
chrisgel >>>>> Sisyphus
patroberts >>>>> MrsLulu
Mary T >>>>> Caribeing
wolf63 >>>>> wolfie

All the best,

Ab Editor.


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>>>Am I too late to change my name? As I understand it, the current answer is 'Yes' but (as I've indicated above) a policy of 'watch this space' seems to be appropriate here.
00:29 Sat 16th Feb 2013
Thank you
some of those choices dont look serious O_o
I thought DT wanted to be DTXwordfan
Question Author
Frankly it's too late now :)
Who on earth is 'original'?

Mind you the updated name is even worse.
Honestly, if they had any loyalty they'd all get their backsides tattooed.

Fickle people!
Question Author

This isn't a thread for discussion Grasscarp :)
its going to take a bit of getting used to calling craft "lucylastic"
so DTcrosswordfan is now going to use the Cword in his new name - i did suggest Xword might be better but that posting was deleted
May I ask why mine is not there?

Thank you
Question Author
"May I ask why mine is not there?"

Did you read the post?

I can't wait to see the havoc that causes.

I thought the limit was 13?
ED, Don't see my change on the list,has "whistonian" really been registered before.
Question Author
God, it is. My apologies. I'll remove it from the list.

Could you please clarify .

I requested a change of username - then realised that it was already taken .
I therefore then change my requested , some days later , to another name , which was not taken .

Would you have considered the second request , or would you have only considered the first request .

I ask because i cant see my name appearing on the list - or is there another list to come ?
Wonder how many are going to spell Robknot wrong (try the anagram)
OK I appreciate that Ed but one of the name I asked for was my old one so surely no privacy issue there and the other one I think was taken by a troll which is now banned.

I understand that you must have had hundereds to go through I just feel a little disapointed as I wanted to get rid of this long name.
I must say I like AOG's new name ;)

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