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NOX | 13:42 Sat 26th Jan 2013 | Editor's Blog
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Hi Ed, just so you know, the last twice I have tried to answer a post, as I am typing in the response box, it, and the submit button, begin to flash 'on and off' for want of a better word. The words I am typing are there, then not, then there, then not. Nothing is freezing or playing up on my computer during this and everything seems quite stable and as long as I hit submit when the submit button is actually showing it posts normally. Never had it happen before and I'm running the latest version of Firefox. Ta muchly.


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I've never heard of that happening - does it happen all the time on AB?
(or just in that single instance)
i've typed this using the latest version of Firefox (18.0.1) and it's not happening to me
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Hi Ed, I've just uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox. It was certainly doing it prior to this, both yesterday and this morning, but this response doesn't appear to be doing so now, so probably a gremlin this end.
I'll let you know if it comes back at any point. Cheers.

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Weird Flashing Response Box

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