Aaargh! 'Back Arrow'...again!

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heathfield | 14:26 Fri 13th Apr 2012 | Editor's Blog
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Oh dear. I thought the ''non-functioning back arrow'' business had been sorted out for good, but from around 1415 today - it's struck again! Aaaargh!!


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It has indeed heathfield.
Hi, what operating system and what browser do you use please?

To find out, click help and then "about" we'd like the name and version number, like: "Internet explorer 8"
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Hi Ed. I'm on Firefox/3.6.28. I haven't upgraded, since I prefer the V3 screen format to the newer ones. I don't know that the version can be the basic cause - you'll remember this was happening on a wide range of browsers and their versions in the recent past.
Working fine IE9 & Vista Home Premium, Ed - so not a prob on-site.
"so not a prob on-site."

Not for you, you mean!
All fine here on Mac05 10.6.8. Using Safari 5.1.5 or Firefox 11.
Mine is fine and I am on Firefox 3 point something (don't know how to check which version).
help > about
It's "otherend-itis" on the old parlance - user prob, not server prob. No offence intended, Ed :-)

Probably one of the adverts being logged in his local cache as previous page in local cache of back button (again).
Working fine on IE8 ..Vista Home Premium.

Have you been eating you're toast and got crumbs down it!! lol
Thank you Mr Gnome. Apparently I'm on Firefox 5.0.
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Not working on Chrome, latest version 18.0.1025.162, XP SP3
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Should be fixed now, please let me know.
Question Author
Yes! Thanks Ed. ;-)
Grand :)

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Aaargh! 'Back Arrow'...again!

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