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AB Editor | 17:29 Wed 30th Nov 2011 | Editor's Blog
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Some have been having trouble with Gravatars updating recently.

I gave the techies a nudge, they looked into it and said it must be a problem at the Gravatar end.

As such there's little we can do to force gravatars to change.

We hope they'll fix the problem in a timely fashion.



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I hope the Ed has noted what Chuck has said and is now whipping his Techies into action.( Unless of course they have gone into hiding as I think they do sometimes by being employed elsewhere.)

Question Author
Can everyone refresh and clear their cache please?

We think we've got a solution.
Brilliant Ed, mine is working, thank you very much.

A very Merry Christmas to you and all the Technics.
Working for me Ab Editor, thank the techies..... good solutions take longer!!!
My avatar has now changed. I'm just wondering if I have to set my post christmas avatar now as it has taken so long to change to this one.
Thanks AB for your emails. My Avatar seems to be working now. Pity about my UPPERCASE user name but you can't have everything. I must say that I find it a very useful and interesting site.
I don't like what's going on; and have posted the Ed:-


Is anyone else seeing ron's answer (61) timed at 17:19 to-day followed by Ed's at 15:06? How did that happen?
Yay! My avatar's working!
Just noticed that ron's answer was posted 6th December and the others were posted to-day....look ma head's sore okay????
Hi TCL....If your head is sore, I guess that mine is even worse.

I have been trying for a long time to establish the truth behind the inactivity of Avatars and, whilst I was not personally affected by some of the problems which many Abers were experiencing, I was shocked this evening to discover that mine had been replaced by a silhouette with words which indicated' No image available' ( It wasn't too bad because it looked like an outline of the back of my head.) However, it was the reason for my postings in:-


Makes one think, what is going on in AB, because, shortly after I had complained, my Avatar re-appeared.

I seen that naiomi's had been replaced for a while, very odd. I see the back arrows have gone by the way and although the back tab was working yesterday, it's not working for me now.
I have posted in naiomi's thread:-


anyone suggest how i get my Panda back, tried to change it to a more festive one, that sat in the box under profile, but it didn't change overall, so went back into gravatar and deleted the new one, and tried reinstating the old one, and still won't do it. So now im back to being a jelly...
AB everything fine now for me except that I keep getting emails to direct me to this site. On one day four came through together. Not really a problem for me to delete them but I thought you might like to know what is happening.
em10, I'm seeing your avatar as a panda.
Question Author
WAZZARD, have you subscribed to any threads?

You can see them here: http://www.theanswerb...ftype=user_subscribed

This should be the only time you get emails from us. Could you forward me a copy of the mails you are getting please?
Question Author
Gravatar is still having issues, getting forgetful, and sometimes sending the wrong image.

We hope they'll sort themselves out soon.

There is nothing we can do to force the issue to resolve itself.

To overcome the "sticky avatar" issue (i.e. avatars not updating) we've added a date/hour string to the urls. This should ensure avatars are updated every hour.

If your avatar has yet to change ensure you've cleared your cache properly and wait for the turn of the hour. It is not instant.

Please do not create any more threads about "missing avatars", "avatar not changing", "Where has my avatar gone?" and "all I want for Christmas is an avatar" etc.

Please post you concerns HERE on THIS THREAD.

Please direct others with concerns to THIS THREAD.


Thanks for your explanation Ed - I will look forward to my avatar changing back to normal very soon ....ta muchly!
Question Author
I'm a firm believer in "it'll sort itself out" :)

If we could do anything, we would!

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Gravatar Update Issue

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