15a Usually on top, master criminal (3,3,4,4) For The Most Part? Parse? Ta in advance...
12a, one very bright teacher is blocked by university 6 9d, lecture about a small level of interest 4,4 20d, save a great deal for servant 7 19d, old paddy set up foreign trade 7...
22a, block letters after g better 8 25a, I have to fill potty carried for so long 1,9 13a, nearly as upset as one breaking down 8...
28A) Is in heat - that's ominous (8). I know the answer is sinister, but I'm unable to parse it. I get the "Is in" bit, but can't see where "heat" comes into it. Thanks in advance...
24ac Copper market failed 3,3 C?T ?U? 26ac Stone work filling in wall (4)O?A? 27ac Cosiest area to catch some sleep (6) S?E??? 28ac Is in heat that's ominous (8) S?N?S?E? 23dn Clumsy writer about to...
Help on a couple please 12a one very bright teacher is blocked by university (6) ?i?i?s 20d save a great deal for servant (7) b?????s 21d copy one bird and others will follow (7) e?????e Thanks...
5dn Much about turning around behind to medium size here 3,4 FT? ???M 2dn Cheese coated food, primarily ungarnished 2,5 I? ????F 3dn Bond eats one piece of bread (7) S?????R TIA yet again...
Its good to have Dean Mayer back!!!! 6ac Simple house with parking on A1 (6) ???F?? 11ac Wanting changes later (10) A??????R?? TIA again...
Really stuck today 1ac would be a start One authorised bonus given to workers (8) TIA
17a Arts graduate? (3-9) ?O?S?I?N?I?T
8d smoking group completely stopped (9). 25ac I have to fill potty carried for so long (1,9). Thanks all . Oh dear Dean Mayer...
14d concept car safety feature-grip (11). 17d she dared to cook ducks (8). Thanks in advance...
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15a Usually on top, master criminal 3,3,4,4. ??? ?H?,????,???? 18a Some odd issue of Paris Match ? (6,8) E????T ???????E Many thanks...
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Hi, I've had a resurgence of Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I found a breast abscess (underside of left breast) a week ago Saturday, quite a nasty one. Was already on Amoxycillin for an ear infection so...
8 across.Flower from tree I had gold lined (3,6) ???/????I? 4 down. Frank following departure of old sit-com (5,8) ???N?/P?R?I??? 9 down. Exclamation heard-to delete it remove fragrance (3,2,8)...
I am stuck on two today - any help appreciated. 10d Enigmatic but powerless to keep your distance (12) - I have U?F?T???A?L? 18a Frolic round old root's lump (12) - I have P???U?E?A?C?
Just a brief note to say that if anyone requires either a Sunday Times Cross 14k gold Ball Pen awarded as the prize in their cryptic crossword or a Daily Telegraph logoed Fountain Pen awarded for...
10a candy bow found in Western river (5-4) looks like sugar coat, I have S-G-R / -O-T but if so why please?...
5a one wearing woven pants for all to see (2,4) ?n/?i?w is it on view?
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1a Caught in the net is very backward European (9) No letters. Many thanks in advance

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I have completed thr Sunday Times cryptic and clicked on submit but it wont let me input anything into the name and email boxes. I have a times and sunday times digital subscription. Any ideas?
I was a big fan of Mr Pastry, when I was a boy in the 50's.....here is a youtube of him ( I hope ! ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36N9CUhIG7s...
£10 minimum spend weekdays as well as weekends for 'free' newspaper from 1st November....
When you email the Sunday Times Crossword what do you put in the Subject line ? Is it just the number eg. 4717 or Crossword 4717. Advice appreciated....
Where can I please find the crossword ST 2865 in today's Sunday Times?
After years of succesfully using the Times crossword site I find I can no longer do so. I can not even post message. This is what I am getting: "TypeError): PU(...) is null" Any ideas welcome....
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3899540/Go-away-shouldn-t-Don-t-come-corner-Yorkshire-no-white-residents.html How much more common will this be in Britain in years to come?...
without asking for any help. Whoop-de-do! That's quite a rare achievement for me. I am so pleased with myself. :-))))) I'm not going to send it in though, as I already have those books....
33 across o a e
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Is 1a 'viewers'? If so, why? Many thanks
♥♥♥ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrsMpTgWnHk...
Hello I cannot find a way to enter online.I don't want to go via the crossword club. Does anyone have a solution? Many thanks....
Enter Further Question Details Here...
Should I keep all fingers crossed that it flows gently?
http://radiotoday.co.uk/2016/10/graham-norton-replaces-sir-terry-wogan-on-cin/ It's been announced that Graham Norton will host this year's Children In Need from the BBC. I wonder if he will take a...
http://radiotoday.co.uk/2016/10/graham-norton-replaces-sir-terry-wogan-on-cin/ It's been announced that Graham Norton will host this year's Children In Need from the BBC. I wonder if he will take a...
Saturday. The weekend is here. Not that it makes a lot of odds really. Wall to wall cloud again. Yesterday stayed cool all day. winter clothes will be out soon. Still haven't seen tiggy out, he's...
when you buy a newspaper or magazine from wherever do you take the top one or go down the pile for one underneath? I was waiting for someone in a supermarket today & stood near the papers/magazines &...
Should I keep all fingers crossed that it flows gently?
Should I keep all fingers crossed that it flows gently?

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Sunday Times Crossword

Cryptic crosswords can be difficult even when you are used to the setter’s way of thinking. We’ve compiled a list of tips and examples from the Sunday Times crossword to help you on your way to completion and another Sunday morning well spent.   Wordplay in the Sunday Times often involves using the first or ...16:30 Thu 31st Oct 2013

I will be moving abroad to work later this year, can you recommend any good expat websites that will keep me in touch with life in Britain

Asks panda A. Most websites geared towards the British expatriate community will help you keep in touch with news and current affairs back home, put you in touch with fellow Brits abroad or send you00:00 Mon 03rd Sep 2001

Are there really Satanists in this country or is it just a bunch of Goths taking it a bit too far

asks MissDon:A. Satanists are in the news again because of 23-year-old Manuela Ruda who, along with her husband Daniel, was found guilty of murder in Germany. They had killed a man by hitting him with00:00 Fri 01st Feb 2002

What is a cryptic crossword

A. A cryptic crossword puzzle is one in which each clue is a little puzzle in itself, as distinct from the more straightforward question-and-answer crosswords. Crosswords were invented in Britain in00:00 Mon 21st May 2001

Anax Crosswords

Anax Crosswords is the home of Anax, crossword setter for the likes of The Independent, Financial Times, The Times and as of June 2011 the Sunday Times Concise Crossword. He has been setting and compiling crosswords for a number of years, and this experience reflects in his frequently updated blog - a popular source fo...13:45 Fri 08th Apr 2011

When did the Internet bank First-e close

Asks marmalade A. It closed at the end of September and all operations ceased on October 3, 2001 in the UK and Germany. It will continue to operate in France. Q. Why did it close A. Many believe00:00 Mon 29th Oct 2001

Etiquette For Asking A Quiz, Puzzle or Crossword Question

1. When asking for help with a crossword clue, please do a search through AnswerBank first to see if the clue has already been answered, especially if the crossword is more than a day old. 2. If the question has not been previously posted: Please state the name, number, date and type of crossword in the title of ...14:30 Tue 06th Dec 2011

It's been a long time

Q. How has Cliff Richard remained a major star for so long A. It's a question of knowing the market, picking the right material, staying out of trouble, and staying alive - all items Cliff00:00 Tue 19th Feb 2002

Paintings in Hospitals

Q. What is it A. A charity organisation which lends art to NHS hospitals to try to soften the institutional blow of the environment. Q. Do they charge for the service A. Pictures are issued on00:00 Sun 20th Jan 2002

What are the Spitting Image people up to

A. The satirical television series came to an end in 1988. Spitting Image - lampooning current events using latex puppets - was created in 1984 by Roger Law and Peter Fluck, and ran for 18 series00:00 Mon 03rd Dec 2001

The price is right: Buying a bestseller

There's been much noise made in the media over the last couple of weeks about the 'revelation' that the bookshop chains have been taking money from publishers in order to promote their books more00:00 Thu 08th Nov 2001

When was the first commercial on British TV

Q. When was the first commercial shown on British TV A. The first British commercial was shown in 1955 and advertised Gibbs SR toothpaste. It began... it's tingling fresh, it's as fresh as ice...The00:00 Mon 14th May 2001

Whatever happened to Russell Harty

A. He died on 8 June, 1988, from liver failure. He was 53. Harty was one of the great TV chat show hosts - yet will probably be remembered best for being attacked by an ill-mannered singer. Q. 00:00 Wed 18th Apr 2001

What should I see in Madrid

Asks B. Camfield A. Madrid is a cosmopolitan city that is best seen at night when the streets are teeming with people in its many bars and restaurants. Information on what is going on in Madrid00:00 Mon 15th Apr 2002

Kew Bridge Steam Museum

Kew Bridge Steam Museum houses a museum of water supply and a collection of water pumping steam engines. The site remains an internationally-recognised museum of steam pumping engines as a reminder of the many pumping stations spread throughout London and the UK. The museum houses the world's largest working beam engin...15:37 Mon 24th May 2010

The origins of Mothers Day

The 18th March 2007 is Mothering Sunday and as it does every year in the UK falls on the 4th Sunday of Lent. The tradition of presenting Mothers up and down the country with gifts, flowers and11:10 Fri 09th Mar 2007

Tech FAQ

The box I use to ask questions has disappeared, where did it go The question and answer entry boxes are still there, but they are now integrated into The AnswerBank's layout.In any category on the website the enter question box can be found below the search bar at the top of the page. Clicking on the box will make it o...14:53 Mon 10th Jan 2011

Q Why do radio stations ban certain records

A. There are a number of sensible, and sometimes not so sensible, reasons for not playing records on the radio. These are usually governed by the blanket criteria of what is referred to as 'good00:00 Mon 16th Apr 2001

The AnswerBank Crossword Guide - National Daily Papers

The AnswerBank Crossword Guide – National Daily Papers The Daily Mirror – Daily crosswords can be accessed online, complete with solution phone lines, so that you’ll never miss a puzzle again. http://www.mirror.co.uk/fun-games/crosswords/ The Times – The Times weekday supplements cost 9...15:37 Mon 24th May 2010

A quitter's tale

The last cigarette was stubbed out at around midnight on Sunday; the moment was filled with mixed emotions. Cigarettes and I have been through the good times and the bad times. I am sure we could have14:14 Fri 06th Jul 2007

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