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Shooting His Load

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anotheoldgit Yet another teenage shooting in London, one 16 year old killed, and another 15 year old injured. /// Wendy Barrett, 42, of Chesterton Road said: “I’m absolutely...

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Lorzy Lor
Hey! This is quite embarasing, but i have no idea how to adress this the man! So, i have noticed that my hubby has been 'sorting himself out' in the night/mornings (i have no problem with this)...
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...that documentary about people who are in love and have sex with their cars?? Sick
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ToraToraTora Can anyone detect any sincerity with this "apology"?...
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would make a good actor,but in my opinion he's guilty as hell..anyone agree...
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That thinks this is the papers doing what they do best by trying to make a story where there really isnt one.
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At the risk of starting a motangelist fatwa, can anyone explain to me what is wrong with driving in the middle lane at at least 70mph on a motorway?
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Noxy, you have mentioned several times here that you have been to prison. Now we don't always agree but you come across as avery sensitive and understanding person, a fine debater and a general all...

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