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It is fair to say I'm not a great fan of the BBC weather service as it is notoriously wrong. They could do themselves a favour though.......

I'm looking at my forecast for today, the summary declares a max temp of 22C, great! When I go to the detailed forecast the highest temp is 19C.

Is consistency too much to ask for. Not that it really matters, when it gets too chilly I'll just go inside.
12:54 Wed 28th Mar 2012
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Weather forecasting is *not* an exact science - it's all to do with probabilities ie a bit of give and take.
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I fully understand that. However, a 3C variation on a forecast for a 24hr period does not instil confidence. For the sake of consistency, and in an ideal world accuracy, their detailed forecast should feature the max temp.
I read the Times, and I find their forecasts are by far the most accurate. Only one distinctly wrong this year so far

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