Snow - Who's got it?!!

Hi, have you got snow? If so, whereabouts are you?!!
16:52 Wed 01st Feb 2012
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none at all, just clear blue sunny skies all day down in the sultry SE
Just going out sunbathing in the SE, enjoy your snow. :-)
I'm in the SE and it's brass-monkeys here. Expect some show over night.
not had any here so far, am in South Wales, though I drove about 40 miles up into the valleys yesterday, and they have lots up there........
Essex flatlands, snowing now, about 3" deep
None here - east of Edinburgh, there's snow on the Lammermuir hills south of here though I could see it from my front door earlier today
After getting 6 blizzards last year, we have no snow all winter at all in New England. It looks ugly out here.

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