to windy

i hate these windy conditions my dustbin was down the ave this morning had to clear all the bottles etc up at 4.45 not a good start to the new year
12:18 Tue 03rd Jan 2012
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you hung the laundry out, headwreck? Good thinking...
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I agree with you, scoobydooh and 2shortplanks. Strong winds are my least-favourite kind of weather. About 20 years ago, our then house roof was damaged by strong winds. My wife and I had to sit there and listen to tiles (heavy concrete pantiles) being pulled off, one by one, and of course we couldn't do anything about it. When the weather calmed down, we found that there wasn't a great deal of damage, but whilst it was happening we were wondering when it was going to stop, and would we have major damage. It was an unpleasant experience. The house opposite got it worse, though. Now, we have a bungalow with a roof of flat tiles, with clips at the edge of the roof, so we feel safer, but we still feel a bit anxious when the wind blows strongly.

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