where to buy cigarettes in Italy

Off to Italy this weekend and my mum wants us to buy her some cigarettes. Are they cheapest at the airport, on the plane or in Italy itself. Thanks in advance.
12:12 Tue 18th Nov 2008
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After watching my wife's father die slowly of a smoking related illness a few years ago I am surprised anyone is keen to buy their mum (or dad) cigarettes.
I don't know if this is the same at other airports but at Verona this year we couldn't buy fags at all. And in town you couldn't buy multi-pack cartons, only single packs. The price was the same everywhere, though.
No duty free any more (thanks to Mr Blair and the EU) so you buy them as normal in shops and Tabacchi. They will be cheaper as their tax is cheaper. I wouldn't buy her any and encourage her to give up. She will save a lot of money, and her health.
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