hottest europe in winter

Which are the warmest destinations in Europe to visit in january/february? Looking for sunshiny destinations obviously.
20:21 Sat 08th Dec 2007
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The answer to your question depends upon the flexibility of your definition of 'Europe'. The Canaries lie off the coast off Africa but are often regarded as a 'European' destination by travel operators. Average daily maximum temperatures, in January and February, are around 21C (falling to about 15C overnight): 0210

Some ABers suggest Cyprus as a winter destination. Once again, it's stretching the definition of 'Europe'. (Cyprus is an EU member state and is regarded as a 'European' destination by travel operators but, geographically, it's in Asia). However, maximum daily temperatures will only be around 14C or 15C. (6C overnight): 0004

Within 'true' Europe, you need to be as far south as possible. However, temperatures in southern Spain and Portugal will only be fairly similar to those in Cyprus: 0016

Southern Italy and Sicily also offer similar conditions: 0055

It's much the same in Malta: 0001

and in the Greek islands: 0017

So (as long as you don't mind stretching your definition of 'Europe')
. . . the Canaries would seem to be your best option.

(I hate it when AB cuts off the end of a post without warning!)


PS: Peru, Ireland, Italy, France, . . . Are you ever at home? ;-)
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lol actually buenchico I have never been to Peru but I have a girlfriend from there and shes been trying to get a visa to come to europe and failed numerous times. We were meant to be meeting in venice but that didnt happen because they rejected her visa so now she is trying for sweden because she has friends there.
The France thing was for a friend as I work in a college and I am often helping out foreign students with their travel needs. Sometimes I ask questions about hypothetical situations, for example, a couple of months ago I was asking about taking a flight via frankfurt as it was under consideration, but it never happened.
As for Ireland, again, that was one of the places that we were meant to visit which never materialised because her visa to uk was rejected,
I do love travelling and I spend a lot of time looking for flights and on the airlinequality website.
Regarding this latest question, I am planning to go away for a weekend with a buddy sometime in jan/feb when its cheaper and where its sunny, so canary islands does indeed count as Europe to us ;-)
Have been to Cyprus in January and it was 68 degrees, went to Egypt one January and it was in the high 80's. Greece is warm but not hot, Canaries are usually guaranteed good weather high 60's, but avoid Lanzarote the weather there is unpredictable, and it has high winds 365 days of the year.

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