Umbrella in hand luggage?

Does anyone know if you can take an umbrella in hand luggage as it's not a fold up one and doesn't fit in my case.
Thank you
20:37 Mon 22nd Oct 2007
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You're restricted to carrying just one item of hand baggage, with a maximum length of 56cm. A non-folding umbrella clearly doesn't meet that requirement, so the answer to your question has to be 'No': l/airportsecurity/requirements

Question Author
Thank you, that's what I suspected
Umbrellas arent that expensive tho, you could buy one at your destination possibly.
Hi maxiewaxie
I've just returned from Ibiza, flying from Cardiff airport, and I carried a telescopic umbrella in my hand luggage both ways no problems!
jeanyb, I think the original question should be "can I take a large, non-fold up umbrella AS hand luggage" which is what most of the answers have assumed - in which case the answer is almost certainly no. You didn't have a problem as yours folded up and went INSIDE your hand luggage.
I am just curious[ okay then call me nosey] where are you going that you need a full length umbrella ? surely the answer would to buy a telescopic one and place it,in the inside pocket of your case or buy there.There must be a very good explanation, would you share it pls ?

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