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How many entries do they get each week to The Sunday Times 'Where Was I?' competition.
01:53 Sun 04th Jan 2004
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Don't know. I am one in any case. More to the point, are you more likely to win via the web site or via Royal Mail?
Why not ask the Sunday Times? I won via the web site - but there was a postal strike that week.
I remember reading in the Times it was around 6000. And I've never been a winner!!
A few years ago they reported around 12,000 correct answers each week. I have been doing it for years without any luck. Still can't resist it though.
when i won a few years ago it was about 5,000. i asked the sun times travel editor. as i post answers to it every week on uk.rec.competitions (this week YORK, NIGHT MAIL) i would expect 10,000+ entries.
I submitted through the web site and won a week in Italy (and very nice it was too!)... If I am not mistaken they receive about 6,000 entries a week...

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