Emigrating to Norway

We're thinking of leaving the UK and I've recently been thinking of Norway for many reasons although I can't seem to locate any material online about procedures and what is required etc.

If anyone can help with any web links I'd be extremely grateful.
01:45 Tue 02nd Jan 2007
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Are you sure Norway is a good choice?

It is a very expensive country to live in and has one of the highest taxation levels in Europe.

Read this, scroll down to Cost of Living.


VAT is as high as 24% on many goods.

Alcohol is VERY expensive.

Countries like Portugal and Spain are MUCH cheaper places to live, even Eastern Europe (Bulgaria etc)
I searched in Google for Moving to Norway (difficult eh!) and found loads of sites.

I found this site:

http://www.norway.org.uk/travel/gettingto/movi ng/moving.htm
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Thanks for all the replies.

I've got a good friend who lives there (he's Norwegian) and from the prices we've compared so far not a lot seems to be very different once the currencies are converted.

I've heard entry into Norway is quite easy but the reason behind this question is so I can finalise some information and make sure I have facts rather than what I've been told.

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