'Mahaka' ???

I'm trying to google a spanish town/resort which is said 'Ma-ha-ka' can anyone tell me how to spell it the correct way? Many thanks :o|
08:25 Mon 15th Aug 2011
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You don't mean Mallorca (Majorca) do you?
Do you perhaps mean Mojacar? On the Med coast between Cartagena and Almeria.
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No it's definately mahaka on mainland spain. I've seen it before and remember it is not spelt how it sounds, Ive even looked at a map of spain to no avail!! I know it exists!! It's driving me crazy now!
You don't often see a letter 'H' in Spanish, but a 'J' is pronounced much the same.
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Oh Thank you to SeaJaypea and the winner, that's the right place, much appreciate your help! :o)
I lived in Almeria for many years and am pretty sure you mean Mojacar the phonetic pronunciation is pretty much as you spell your mystery resort. It;s a small white town with both a beachside area and a hillside town which is mostly owned by expatriots

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