Getting Rid Of BearShare Music Lab

Trying to uninstall BearShare music lab. Keep getting a box saying BearShare has stopped working when I press the unistall button. Uninstalled other programs successfully.
Laptop has Vista on it. Thanks for any help.
19:13 Wed 19th Jan 2011
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Some programs (or components of them) automatically 'run in the background' when you start your computer. If a component of BearShare Music Lab is doing that, you won't be able to uninstall it because you can't uninstall a running program.

Try booting your computer into Safe Mode. (Press F8 during the boot process). The screen will probably look rather weird because the video driver won't be loaded but you'll still be able to access the option to uninstall the BearShare program.

Question Author
Thanks Chris. I'll try that.
Question Author
Hi Chris. I tried that but the pesky thing is still there.

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