How do I reset my laptop to it's factory settings?

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My kids have messed up our new laptop - Samsung R519 - so I can't get onto my games on facebook - they both deny doing anything (as per!). How can I reset the laptop to the factory settings please? I know it works because it happened before and the company I bought it from told me how to do it, but I can't remember how! TIA x
21:49 Wed 04th Aug 2010
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Does it not tell you how to do that on the Help menu on the laptop? (not being funny, I think it would)
Go to http://support-us.sam...00&model_name=NP-R519 and clcik on the How TO link. On the next page click on the How To Perform A Basic Restore, Complete Restore, Or Data Restore link, then on the link for Perform A Complete Restore - the instructions are there.
Bit drastic to restore laptop to factory settings. How about using system restore? Search on net for use.

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