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after a year of problem-free use,my son's i pod will no longer import tracks from i tunes music library..i've added several tracks to the music library and purchased a few too,they all show up on the library but are not loading onto his i pod.i've tried the i tunes help pages but didn't find them any help at all!..i'm not technically minded so this one's really baffling me!..any help would be really appreciated..thanks.
18:19 Thu 01st Jan 2009
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there are a few options for you.
1 could it be full?
2. Go into iTunes and delete the ipod playlist. Build a new playlist and resync by plugging the ipod.
3. F tis doesn't work then you can reset the ipod by plugging it in and when the ipod summary page opens in itunes, press the restore button. this will return the ipod to its original settings. It will then resync with the ipod playlist.
If you have not solved this, I have another idea.

If your syncing is copying songs you have put on from CD but not songs you have purchased it sounds like the iPod is no longer a registered devise and the dreaded Digital Rights Management (DRM) is stopping them loading.

Apple have just announced they have got the record companies to agree to scrap DRM.

Anyhow, when you have iTunes open and the iPod connected, go to store at the top and authorise it.

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