Create my own compilation album in itunes

I've got loads of individual singles that i'd like to tidy up in itunes i.e. create my own album. I have edited the tags on the individual tracks but itunes still displays them each one as a seperate album. I have checked the compilation box as well and the pauseless? checkbox. Any sugggestions
22:10 Sat 06th Sep 2008
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Can't you just use a PlayList?
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its not very tidy. The effect I want is it to look i've bought
v.a. compilation cd (like now hits 55 etc) and ripped it into itunes.
Highlight them all, and then right-click and get info.

Make sure they have the same album name in there.
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That doesn't work, nor does ticking the compilation tick box. Or the gapless music tick box. Each track is still displayed as a seperate album.
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I have found the answer.
Select all the tracks in the album and enter either a consistant name in the 'album artist' box or enter 'Various Artists'. This cleared the problem.

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