smoke detector keeps beeping

My smoke detector keeps beeping every 5 minutes or so.It's wired to the mains so it's not a battery problem and I've vacuumed any dust from it. Any thoughts? thank you in advance
13:40 Fri 29th Aug 2008
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Is it a loud ear-splitting beep? This usually means your house is on fire.
mains wired alarms have battery back up. An elecrtical fire in house would render a mains fire alarm useless.

Check the battery!
stop lighting bonfires in the house and quickly putting them out! that usually works for me!
the same happened to my dads and it was the battery as redcrx says
must have a battery back up mains or not...
fire = no electric = no smoke alrm..!!
We have mains powered smoke detectors but they always have a back up battery in them, your battery needs to be changed, I didn't change ours in time! when it ran out completely it just screeched constantly until I realised the problem and changed the battery, the noise was horrendous. I now change them every 12 months without fail.........hope this helps....................welsh
Definetly the battery, it is obviously flat.
It is designed to do that to warn you the battery is getting low.

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