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Help. I put a free ad in the local paper via IC Wales a few weeks ago. My PC recently died so I reloaded it back to basics and started everything again. No probs. But when I tried to do a new ad it wont let me choose the free option. The link won't work. any ideas
11:16 Sat 10th May 2008
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Could be several things, update to the latest version of your browser (7 if using IE)

make sure you have java installed

and make sure you have the adobe flash player installed

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Thanks, Markysngc, I have tried that bit it still does not work, do you have any other idea I might try. If I have to shut the system down again and start from scratch I will not be happy
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I can't even find a free option on their site
I couldn't either!
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Thanks guys you are really helpful.!!! What site are you on? Check out ic wales, then click on book an add, items for sale/wanted. Then perhaps you will see what I mean. it is free for private individuals for anything except cars and pets, and goes in free to all titles for a couple of days

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