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Hiya, i wondered if anyone knew the difference between message not delivered and message failed? I text someone who is away and it said message not delivered straight away. Would this mean it wouldnh't go to their delivery centre? Would it be the sim card or signal? I have tried to ring but it goes to voicemail straight away. Thanks x x
11:59 Tue 28th Aug 2007
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Hmmm, I have had this a few times.
Its usually that your signal is poor, or there phone is off...
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If it was just off though wouldn't it just send then you'd get a delivery report when their phone was switched on? It wouldn't just fail if it was only because their phone is off?
i dunno, i am on Orange and after speaking to the person who i was trying to text afterwards they said that their phone was off.
It could be that their signal is weak to at their end.
When i send a text and the other persons phone is off, it always says waiting in the delivery report folder.
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Thats what i get too, says it's pending, but this time it has completely failed...I think it's the network or signal..I have sent texts to two different phones, as he has two phones with him and both have failed, so must be the signal...There's no way of blocking a text is there? Thanks
"Message failed" means that your phone failed to send the message, probably due to no signal on your phone or network problem.
no you cant block a text, it wll be to do with signals and network problems it always does it to me when im out, my network is rubbish, dont want say who im with just in case your not allowed to lol
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haha! Thanks..Im with 3 who are crap..x x

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