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Further to my question earlier today I have discovered that I keep getting a pop-up every time I turn my computer on because of C-Media Ac97 Audio Device has not been installed correctly.I have been to the Microsoft web page but did not see anything that could help me.What can I do now?
21:03 Sun 23rd Jul 2006
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Have you tried going back via control panel.system.hardware etc, to where the item is shown - check properties and click on update driver tab - firstly when it asks you for driver just go to C;Windows /system and see if it finds anything - failing that theres a driver here
http://www.opendrivers.com/driver/216818/c-med ia-cmi9880(azalia)-ac97-codec-driver- 007-windows-98se-me-2000-xp-free-download.html
which yuo could download and do the same thing but just instal from wherever you save this download.

Having googled the problem, it doesnt sound unique, quite a few people seem to have this problem with this sound card
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Many thanks for your help

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