WPS File? How do I open these?

I've been sent an attachment that is a WPS file, how do I open this?


23:16 Tue 10th Jan 2006
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Apparently that's the extension for a MS Works document file. You can download a converter here:


to make it readable in Word.

I would have thought it was a word perfect script file.
...definately it is a MS Works Word Processor Document........snooks link will help..............commoner

G'Day Chris

It is a Microsoft Works Text document.

You can download a converter from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?********=b9e11e83-f51b-4977-b572-8c042df802c1&displaylang=en.

If you ever get any other files with extentions you are not sure of you could try http://www.filext.com/ and put the extention in the search box. I use it quite regularly.


As the above answers mention, it is a MS Works file. The following page explains what it is and lists several free converters, along with an online tool that can convert WPS to Word files :
http://w-shadow.com/blog/2007/11/22/wps-files- explained-convert-wps-to-doc-for-free/
You can always use open with option and select microsoft office word. The file will open. And If you'd like you may check the small box at the bottom to always open that WPS file with word.
First, if you don't know what the suffix is put it into Google to find out. Second, dump MS Office and download Open Office from openoffice.org, which is totally FREE with no catches and it will open just about any old file format used in word processing from way back. All these rubbish converters for file conversion in Windows are totally unecessary, and in fact while you are at it download (FREE AGAIN) a Linux OS ( Ubuntu being the easiest at the minute I would guess, but Fedora 11 will be out in a week) and go the whole hog and enjoy the freedom from MS slavery altogether !!

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