Clip Converter? Why Does It Play Up?

I have been using clipconverter for quite a while now, for downloading stuff off youtube, but recently it just wont download it properly. What i am trying to say is, when it comes to playing what i've downloaded, it wont play!!
can someone explain why?
09:06 Wed 09th Oct 2013
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Clip converter is an online app, so it sounds like the problem is more to do with your end than theirs.

what app do you use to playback the vids ?
maybe it needs updating or the codecs need updating etc
Check that the codec needed for whatever format they produce for you is still on your computer if not re-install it
Question Author
i use vlc, and its usually reliable
uninstall and reinstall VLC see if that fixes it, that comes with most codecs needed for most formats so its unliikely to be a seperate codec issue.
Question Author
sorry for the delay.
i downloaded ramseys kitchen nightmares, without any problems, actually it was done in seconds, but cant get the wheelers+dealers!!
will look at uninstalling+installing vlc
Question Author
it looks like i had a virus, because since i gave my pc a good clean the other day, the problem has gone away eg i can use without any problems now

cheers folks ayway

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