New Email Address - That Doesn't Require Phone Verification

i am trying to open a new email address - but so far they all insist on my phone number to send a verification text!

I dont want to add my number as i know they either sell them or they get phished and i get inundated with sales calls etc

does anyone know any free sites that dont insist on this ?

i have tried yahoo, gmail and hotmail

12:38 Mon 16th Sep 2013
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Did not have to offer a phone number when setting up a gmail address.
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maybe its new thing as i've never had to before - but i just tried a gmail one and it insisted on a text verification
Gmail asks for it, but there is a "skip" option at the bottom of the window (in small writing) if you don't want to do it.

I know because I set one up a few weeks ago and selected "skip"
I have opened a gmail email account recently without them having my phone number.
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just tried again... not sure what i did differently but it let me through

thanks all
I use GMX and I'm happy to recommend their service. They most definitely don't need a phone number from you:

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