BT Graphite 2100 Phone Problem

Hi there I am having problems with a BT Graphite 2100 portable phone it keeps on saying busy when I pick it up and try to make a call or answer one. Any idea what is wrong?
14:44 Fri 19th Oct 2012
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Do you have another handset somewhere that may be using the line?
Question Author
No I dont just the one :)
Is the base unit plugged in correctly? Do the handset batteries need replacing?

Sorry I can't be of more assistance - perhaps someone more familiar with this model will be along soon.
Question Author
Problem sorted its working again
Good for you, gordie - out of interest, what was the problem?
Question Author
I phoned the BT helpline and they told me to take out batteries and put them in again and then it was OK very strange!!
I was told to do that when problems with my Nokia phone. it worked. When my radio went wonky, I took out the four C batteries and found I had none to replace them so put them back in a different order - and that worked too - so far.( A week on!) Strange....

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