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I have an old ThinkPad (6/7yo, XP Pro) which will not connect to our broadband via wireless (cable OK). Support says it’s just too old. However, I noticed that 802.11b/g networks still give a box to enter the netkey whereas our ‘n’ doesn’t. Would a ‘Wireless N USB adapter’ work?
It’s not worth spending a lot but it would be nice to get it on wireless. If this is an option I’m looking at these 2:

Dlink Wireless N150 USB Adapter DWA-125

Netgear N300 Wireless USB Adapter WNA3100
I assume the N300 is faster but would it make much difference?

01:10 Sun 25th Mar 2012
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why not just get one of these?

at least you won't be spending as much!
Question Author
Thanks for response but that think that's a bit too cheap (especially as they offer free post and packing).
Ok, but i use these "cheap" ones without any problems! Begrudge paying PC World £30 when the parts probably all come from the same factory anyway!

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