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I'm doing a bit of research into what's available for a house I will hopefully be moving into.

Doing a check on the postcode with Uswitch I can get fast broadband and cable broadband. Is either one better/more reliable/ more cost effective than the other?
14:55 Thu 08th Mar 2012
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If it's modern (fibre) cable from Virgin then I'd probably go with that if I could get a reasonable price for installation and rental. Their speeds are way higher than phone based broadband (up to 100meg now) and they don't currently seem to have too many capacity problems in their network.

The only reason for going with phone-line based broadband would be if they had got 'fibre to the cabinet' (such as BT Infinity) and you lived right next to the green distribution box - then you'd get fast (24meg) broadband without the cost of installing cable.

Whatever you get, the key to cost effectiveness is to look at 'bundle' deals (phone/tv/broadband) and not get tied into more than 12months contract - that way you can negotiate again each year.
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Oh god, I'm confused already... :)

When you say installation for cable, what do you mean? I really have no idea what cable is all about, can't get it where I live currently.
Virgin (usually) have installed cable along roads/footpaths - unless the previous tenants/landlord have had the property connected there is a charge for running the cable actually into the house.

Once it's there you can use the connection for phone/broadband/tv instead of using the BT phoneline and a Sky dish.
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Ah right, I'll have to check what's already there then or I'd need to get permission from LL to run a new cable in.
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And thanks by the way! Expect more questions soon! :)
No probs - poke me on fbook if necessary :)
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Cheers Dave!

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