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Got to wait a week before you can take the pi55 out of the saddoes camping out overnight to get one. I might get the iPad 2 now it is recuced.
I have become lost by all the technological item which are now on the market. Ipads; Ipods; Blueray; (Apples,Pears etc!!)

I have a relatively Basic desktop computer and my mobile telephone is possibly the cheapest one can buy. Neverless, I still feel that I have all I need to use the internet and make telephone calls in emergency situations.

I certainly don't want Sat.Nav fixed in my car, or on a mobile phone such as relatives of mine have. The following is enough for me to be put off this advanced technology.

you don't need a satnav fixed in your car to end up in the river, ron - round here, the foreign trucks are often stuck in residential streets or little country lanes because they've taken a wrong turning.
Excellent Gromit.

We should mention the ipad more here :)
I can't see the appeal of an Ipad myself.
I couldn't see the point in iPads at all, until I got one.

I was of the opinion that if you had a smart phone and a laptop/PC then why on earth would you need to spend hundres on something that you can't plug your camera into or even a CD but my opinion changed the minute I got one (was very very lucky to get one as a present). I don't put the thing down and the laptop stays locked in the cupboard at work when I go home now.

Not sure I'd be desperate enough to queue over night for one though.
i dont even know what an ipad, ipod whatever is...ive obviously heard of them but thats as far as it goes lol
Lol, just read that link Gromit.

Off to set up my own website which will consists of one single page containing the word iPad.
Hi Ed....Just to get to the core of the apple, am I right in my understanding that it has a new AX5 pip.? In which case it could be worthwhile an AB posting in the Garden section.


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