Can I put a picture or link on here, and if so , how? Thank you
15:19 Sat 11th Feb 2012
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you can't put a picture on but you can post a link to one. If it's one on the internet, just copy and paste the URL. If it's one of your own, you'll have to put it on the internet first - try going to to do it.
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Thanks jno, I'll do that.
The picture needs to already be on the www somewhere. To do this, people use sites such as Photobucket - these are simply free online photo albums. You need to create an account, then upload a photo.
When you upload a photo and look at it, you'll see its 'URL' - it's web address. It's at the top of the picture where web addresses usually appear, or sometimes the site also puts it in a little box. You need to highlight ALL of the URL and copy it.
Then when you come to AB you just paste.
The link appears and people who click on it can go to the picture.
If you paste a Youtube link inot the 'enter Youtube' under your question, the whole video appears. This is deep old magick arranged by the Big Ed.
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y9ou don't need an account with tinypic

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