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Upgraded my phone to Samsung Galaxy SII, loved it, well loved it for 2 days before I smashed the screen. Not insured and cant get another upgrade for 2 years. Has anyone ever used any of the mobile repair services on internet, if so what were they like and which one would you recommend. The only other way to fix is for me to buy LCD screen and fix it myself, but I could make it worse.
21:00 Thu 09th Feb 2012
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I have not used a service, but have fixed various gadgets, an ipod screen amoung them there are generally videos on YouTube. If you are not afraid of fiddling with technology then have a go yourself. If you are not remotely confident and have never tried anything like it before then send it off.

That must have been gutting though!
When I broke the screen on my mobile I just took it to the mobile stall at the local market and they fixed it within days.
Fixing most mobiles is pretty tricky if you've never tried it before! you have to be really careful and understand how a lot of the connectors work before attempting it.... I class myself as pretty good at this sort of stuff and I've screwed it up a couple of times (out of loads)
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worse things in life, just annoyed at how stupid i was to break it
If you're giving it a go I suggest rule 1: Remove the battery before starting work.
When it comes to most mobiles that's a bit like saying open a door before walking through it.... you don't have a lot of choice.
Went to Carphone last week cos I done the same. Cost £80. You can probably find instructions on youtube on how to change the screen. All you need to do is find a cheap screen...
Did you buy your phone with a credit card ..they often give insurance on new purchases, for a given period.
Failing that ... do you have home contents cover for items used out of the home.
There is usually a limit for the amount you can claim on an unspecified item, but check it out.
Suppose so Chuck, I was equating it with replacing a laptop screen but now that you mention it...............
you are going to have to have it repaired so not a lot to lose really
get the video off youtube or metacafe and give it a go
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not insured at all have checked bank, contents ins, orange.
go on to ebay and see if they have a faulty one buy it and then get someone who knows how to fit them to do it for you or if you are able to fix it yourself try it also youtube have videos on how to fix mobile phone screens
the phone is under warranty if it is only new so you should get it repaired for free or a small fee
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yes lisa thats what i put, and phone not under warranty if i broke it myself.

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