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I had my laptop up for sale on EBay and had advertised it using some of the specs I found the details by searching on google and whatever I could find about it, bearing in mind that I know very little about the specifications, as I use the laptop without really knowing much about it's workings. Anyway the buyer has come back to me and said

"It only has 1GB of Ram, 160GB HDD & a Sempron 2.1GHz processor

You advertised 3GB RAM, Dual Core 2.2 Processir & 250GB hard drive."

I really don't want to go through selling it again if poss do you think that I should offer to refund some of the money - or just take it back and refund the whole amount? How much actual diffrence is there between the specifications? Oh to know more about computers!!! Thanks for any help.
20:15 Wed 01st Feb 2012
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well i know little too, however common sense tells me that at least 2 of those specs are half of what you advertised. I would refund and expect bad feedback
apologise to the purchaser, explain what you've explained above. offer them either a partial refund or full refund and have the laptop back. you'll have to pay the return postage i'm afraid, as well as a full refund to purchaser. but technically, you advertised it as a much better laptop than the purchaser ended up with. i'm sure if you explain the situation to them and offer the above they'll let you know how they'd rather proceed.....
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Oh well, he's got a full refund coming to him - I suppose you learn from your mistakes. Thanks for your answers.
make sure that when you get it back it is the one you sold him..
There are programs you can run that are included in Windows that will tell you the specs of your machine, one program is called "System Information".

There are also programs you can download from the internet to tell you the specs also, like cpu-z
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Oh, if only I had known this then - never mind, I'll make use of it when I get the laptop back. Thank you all very much.
I use SIW software to analyse my system. There is a free download option on this site.
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Thank you for the link, Howard

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