a tablet or a laptop.

a tablet or a laptop. two things to consider a) value for money, b) cervical spondylitis.. TIA
02:09 Mon 23rd Jan 2012
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a comfy chair
Value for money = laptop.

It all depends on what you want to do with it. If you do much typing a laptop is much better. If your going to use it mainly a home, get a laptop.

I don't find tablets very comfortable to use. I either have to bend over it while it's perched on my knee or table; or hold it like a book. With a laptop I can angle the screen to suit me.

A laptop is more powerful (usually), is upgradeable but heavier.
Personally, assuming that you have limited head movement, I would have thought a completely separate screen and keyboard would allow you to arrange them into relative positions that provide the minimum discomfort.

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