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I'm helping my dad put a few bits of old radio gear on ebay but we are not sure how much to put it up for or if it is a rarity or anything. I came across the website which is granted a great service but it requires a registration fee to get access to any useful information and to be honest for the sake of a couple of radios it is not worth it. does anyone know of any other source of info on price guidelines or amount of units manufactured ?
19:36 Sun 22nd Jan 2012
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Can't help you I'm afraid. If you post some descriptions here someone may be able to offer advice.
Is it the kind of kit radio amateurs might use? If so a local club might help.
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one is a Dynatron "rally" TP36/37 radio and the other a grundig luxus, they are just old portable receivers
Have you searched on the internet for anyone else selling this sort of stuff? That may give you a starting point for price.
The info you get for free on is really all you need unless you are a technician that needs to know component voltages and resistances etc.Both items have a fanbase just on the brands. A google search will show a few examples from afficionados and the problems that are inherent with the models. Dont forget to add the word 'vintage' to your ebay listing and true collectors will want lots of close up photos to show condition, including the guts

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